Turn My Brain Off…

Whether you are my mum, family member, friend or boy <3 you will have probably noticed my charming quirk of over thinking EVERYTHING!

Unfortunately my poor long suffering mum has been trying to teach me about changing the way I think for years! I think I’m finally getting it! Sorry it took so long! Although understanding is one thing, I am sure changing a habit of a lifetime will be slightly more challenging

After doing some research on the subject I have found that apparently up to 80% of women’s stress is caused by over thinking and worrying! So basically we are stressing ourselves out! High five girls! Duh! (Quite pleased to know it’s not just me though!)

I have always been a worrier and over thinking is a big part of that! Worrying is exhausting and generally a total waste of energy! Maybe that is why I don’t always fancy a 10 mile run after work!!

Who knew that sometimes what people say IS what they mean and that the worse case scenario we spend days worrying about very rarely happens!

So to all my fellow over thinkers out there, just breathe and remember things are normally a lot less complicated than we make them!



  1. I think this is a female affliction!! You are not alone. xxxx

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